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409.223* 핵공학기초실험 3-1-4
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Basic Experiments for Nuclear Engineering

원자핵 공학도에게 필요한 기초 실험 교육으로, 저항, 축전기, 인덕터 등의 수동소자 및 Diode OP amp 등의 능동소자에 대한 소개, Norton Thevenin 회로 해석, 미분 및 적분회로구성, 잡음제거 필터회로의 이해와 주파수특성 관찰, 다양한 휘스톤브릿지 회로 소개 및 구성하고 특성을 관찰한다. 기초 회로 지식을 종합하고 핵공학 실험에서 많이 활용되는 온도측정, 압력 측정, 진공도측정 및 유속측정용 회로를 설계 및 제작하여 데이터 획득 및 해석을 수행한다.

This course provides with the first survey to the nuclear engineer who will perform successful experiments. Typical subjects are: 1) Introduction of passive electric components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors, 2) Introduction of active components such as diode and operational amp, 3) Analysis of electrical circuit of Norton and Thevenin circuits, 4) Understanding of noise filter and frequency response, 5) Introduction of various balanced circuits such as Wheastone Bridges and unbalanced circuits. Based on these knowledge, circuits for temperature, vacuum and flow measurements will be designed, fabricated, and used for data acquisition and analyses.



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