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ITER-IO Dr. Steve Lisgo 초청 세미나 알림
  • 카테고리세미나
  • 작성자조태웅
  • 날짜2019-09-04 17:00:57
  • 조회수210



아래와같이 ITER-IO Dr. Steve Lisgo 초청 세미나 안내드리오니,

관심있으신 연구자분들의 많은 참석 부탁드립니다.




1. Date:  6th Sep. (Fri.) at 10:30 am


    Place: Flat 33 Room 228





    Subject: Boundary plasma modeling (for engineering support)



    Abstract: A general overview of how the boundary affects the production of a high-performance core plasma. The governing physics is briefly reviewed, as well as the zoo of available computer simulation tools and the associated engineering design support methods that have been employed at ITER. The presentation will conclude with a brief discussion of divertor design issues.




    Speaker: Steve Lisgo





2. Date:  6th Sep. (Fri.) at 1:30 pm


    Place: Flat 33 Room 228




    Subject: The virtualization of tokamak development



    Abstract: At present, the development of mainstream magnetic confinement fusion (MCF) is significantly affected by the timeline for ITER, which has experienced regular and significant delays. However, given the growing importance of societal issues like global warming and energy security, new forms of low-carbon energy should be developed as quickly as possible. One option for MCF is to focus on a “virtual tokamak”, so that more work can be done numerically, rather than experimentally. This general approach is being used by other fields, such as aerospace and fission, and was recently adopted by the K-DEMO program. Software requirements and hardware status are discussed, along with organizational elements that may help with virtual tokamak development.




    Speaker: Steve Lisgo



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